Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow Day!

We finally got some snow here in Idaho! I say finally because it's been a VERY mild winter here in Rexburg (don't get me wrong, I have not minded at all), it's just usually NOT the case. Anyways, when Michael got home from school today - he had the brilliant idea to take Krew out to play in the snow for the first time! So we all bundled up and went outside for a few minutes. Krew loved the snow, but did not love his hat ;)

 Hating the hat...haha

 Excuse my grossness - hadn't showered yet!

 He loved it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of those days...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, but it has been "one of those days". Here are my thoughts, maybe if I vent I will feel better about today :)

1 - I cannot stop eating (my pregnancy with Krew was NOT like this)
2 - I don't feel like wearing anything but comfy clothes
3 - Krew is getting into EVERYTHING
4 - I'm super uncomfortable
5 - I have NOT had that "burst of energy" that I was supposed to get at the end of a pregnancy -
if I could sleep all day, I would...
6 - My house stays a disaster
  7 - It was the LONGEST day ever
8 - I took a shower at 3PM today - that's not healthy...haha
9 - Okay, I should really stop complaining...

On a brighter note - Michael got a job! That's a relief :) On top of a baby coming in a few weeks we will begin the search for a house to buy! Which is super exciting/scary/long time coming! I'm ready for my own space, to decorate, paint walls, organize, etc! Okay, I feel a little better now :)

Tomorrow is a new day! Maybe I will shower before Michael leaves for school so I can actually get a shower before 3PM :)

It's currently 7:51PM - I think I am going to bed!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silly Boy

Krew has such a fun personality - I figured I would write up a quick blog post about tonight. Well, Krew's hair was getting out of control, so I gave him a haircut. In order to entertain him, I also gave him a sucker to eat during his haircut. He was SO sticky afterwards, of course he needed a bath (he was going to get one anyways) - so Michael gave him a bath. For some reason, after his bath, he just LOVES to run around "nakie" for a few minutes. I was trying to catch him to put his diaper on him when I realized he was squatting down and hiding underneath the counter. I also noticed that he was smearing around something liquid - YEP, turns out, he was squatting down to pee and then decided to smear it all around on the floor. Hahahaha. I couldn't help but laugh. Hey, at least it wasn't poop! So needless to say, he got another bath and a diaper put on IMMEDIATELY after :) Love my boy!

These pictures were cracking me up - but more so, cracking Krew up:

 Crying I was laughing so hard...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

32 Weeks!

My friend Lauren took my maternity pictures last time with Krew and did a wonderful job! So I asked her to take them this time around as well! The difference between Krews pictures and 
 these pictures was the weather - with Krew, they were taken in October in warmer weather Virginia. Well, well, well, this time was a different ball game - these pictures were taken in January in frozen tundra Rexburg and absolutely FREEZING! But as always, it was super fun because Lauren is such a fun gal. I love her to death! Here are a few of my favs!

I am in LOVE with this shoe picture :) I may need to print it off and put it in her room!

I was reading a girls blog today and thought these questions were super cute and a great way to remember this pregnancy! So I copied her :)

How far along: 32 weeks on Wednesday (so basically 31, but once I get past Wednesdays every week, I say I'm the next week)

Total weight gain: 19 pounds....and counting....

Maternity clothes: most all of my pants are maternity - they are more comfy. I have a few maternity shirts, but mostly I just wear my "bigger" sizes shirts

Told family and friends: oh yes, we can't keep our mouths shut ;) I think we told at 12 weeks

Miss anything: not having to warm my lunch meat, cookie dough, hot tubs, and definitely sleeping on my stomach

Movement: she is quite the active little girl! she is always kicking, i mean ALWAYS. i wonder if she even sleeps, haha.

Food cravings: hmm, it changes every week. last week was cheesecake. cran apple juice, i can't get enough!!!!

Anything make you quesy or sick: my tailbone aching! sounds weird, but every time I get up from sitting down, it POPS - and makes me feel quesy.

Have you started to show yet: you betcha! i definitely showed earlier this time around!
Labor signs: a TON of braxton hicks contractions, but other than that...nope!

Belly button in or out: it is just a week or 2 away from being an outie...oh joy ;)

Happy or moody: haha ask Michael, i'm sure he would be more honest than me...hehe. no, pretty happy for the most part!

Looking forward to: holding her, seeing her, and what she looks like! i think that is one of the most fun parts :) i also can't wait to see how Krew reacts to being a big brother.

Symptoms: soooo tired. i try to nap whenever krew does. back ache, tailbone is KILLING me, more hungry, and more thirsty- you know, all fun stuff :)

8 1/2 more weeks until i'm due! I can't wait to meet our little Harper or Kinley - hopefully soon we will decide on her name!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few of Krew's Favorite Things

I'm a little late posting this, but have been meaning to since Krew turned 1 back in November! I thought it would be fun every year to document a few of his favorite things/personality here we go!

- Likes anything but his toys to play with
- Is in LOVE with his green and blue/white striped blankets
- Loves playing with belts
- Thomas the Tank
- Chocolate milk and pizza (so healthy...haha)
- He hates having his diaper changed...HATES it
- Says MaMa, DaDa, and Awess (Alex)
- Has the cutest snorting face
- Loves baths
- Likes to scream
- Throws everything down the stairs
- Likes to eat wipes (I caught him chewing up one the other day)
- Loves the broom (not the one we got him for Christmas, but the one I use)

I'm sure there are a MILLION more - but those are the highlights. We feel so lucky to have Krew in our family. He is going to be such a great big brother in a few weeks. He's such a special guy - We love you Krewser!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Krew's Surgery

Today was Friday the 13th - what a perfect day for surgery right!? Haha...well luckily I'm not very superstitious or else I would have rescheduled. This was a surgery that we have been anticipating/dreading for the past year of Krew's life. When he was born, one of his testicles never descended. They hoped that it would come down on its own, but it never did - so that meant surgery. Surgery!? Yes, I began to freak when I found out it was something that was going to have to happen. 

After Krew turned a year old was the ideal time to get the procedure done - so today, 13 1/2 months old - it was done. I am happy to say that his surgery went amazingly well! It was a successful surgery and he now has "both boys" haha. He is actually up and playing as I type (something we didn't quite expect). But he's doing great.

I'm so happy the surgery is done and over with! May I add, being 31 weeks pregnant and having your 13 1/2 month old have surgery isn't the "ideal" situation - let's just say I had a few breakdowns today (dang pregnancy hormones, haha). Luckily Michael is an amazing Dad/Husband and stayed strong for all of us! Thanks babe :) And thanks to everyone who came and entertained us during his surgery (Mom, Phil, Trudi, and my Aunt Ray).  Thanks to everyone for their prayers - I know without a doubt that is why the surgery was so successful and why he is doing so great now.

 He sure did look cute in his little gown and footies!
 A fake smile from a worried momma!
Haha - such a cutie.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I have a HUGE post to blog about for our Christmas in Arizona. I will save that until I have a little more time. We celebrated Christmas in AZ this year with the Simpson and Peterson family- it was a blast! We had Krew's Christmas morning the day after we got back from AZ - he loved it! 

Okay so this kid LOVES brooms. Whenever I get out our broom to sweep, he takes it over. So we bought him a broom - haha. And it was the FIRST thing he picked up (and wouldn't put down) on Christmas morning. He loved it - imagine that!? I broom from the dollar store was his favorite toy :) We can only hope he loves brooms as much as he does now when I actually give him chores - hehe

Again with the broom :)
Pushing his new dump truck while holding the broom....

He liked the wrapping paper more than his other toy :) Next year, I'm getting him a broom, wrapping paper, and some boxes for Christmas!

Overall, he had a great Christmas! It was so fun being the parent's and for "Santa" to come!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

30 Weeks!

Oh wow - 30 weeks already!? I absolutely cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. Our little girl will be here before we know it. So far, this pregnancy has been a breeze! Other than my tailbone KILLING me lately. It's hard to sit for longer than, well...5 minutes without it hurting. Oh well - it'll be worth it when we see her cute face! She is quite the active baby - she's always moving, always! I'm taking shots to prevent preterm labor this time around, so we will see how it works. I can't lie - I wouldn't be upset if she decided to come a week or 2 long as she's healthy! March 21st is my due date. We can't wait to meet her! <3

30 weeks and growing! 

Oh yeah, and we THINK we have narrowed her name down to 2 names: Kinley (Kinlee) or Harper. This has been quite a challenge to decide on a girl name. We will see what we end up with! It could be something completely different. We are open to suggestions! Either way her middle name will be "Mae" after my Grandma Foutz :)

Perdue Family Pictures!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our Perdue Family picture session! Thanks again to Jordan Anderson for taking the amazing pics :)

 Love my Family! They are amazing :) We will have to update this picture here in a few months!