Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've been quite the slacker lately when it comes to blogging! So this will be a "catch up" post :) We were SOOOO excited that Jordan, Sadie, and MiKya got to come home during Jordan's spring break from med school. It was a PERFECT birthday present! I turned 24 - yes, 24...even though that's not really that old, it sounds a lot older than 23!

We went to Texa's Roadhouse for dinner! YUM! And Sadie made DELICIOUS, I mean scrumptous, I mean to DIE for Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes - Seriously, she could open a cupcake shop and sell these! I'm sad I didn't get a picture. In fact, we realized we hardly got ANY pictures during the entire trip - so all of these pictures are taken 10 minutes before they left to head back to Arizona...haha.

Jordan, Sadie, and MiKya were SO sweet to get me a pedicure for my birthday...and Sadie and I finally got a little "girl time" as well :) Thanks guys for my pedicure!

Cute Miss MiKya

We decided to try to get a few pictures of Krew and MiKya together. Poor MiKya was sick all week - so they didn't get to hang out much.

MiKya: "Um, yeah...I'm not too sure about this kid"

MiKya: "Please get him off of me!" haha

MiKya: "Okay, OKAY! I'll take one - and act like I sort of like him, JUST so you guys will leave me alone" :) I love MiKya - shes such a sweetie! I'm kidding, I'm sure MiKya loves cousin Krew!

My sweet little man!

Grandpa must have been saying something funny!

It was such a fun birthday - and a fun week! Glad Jordan, Sadie, and MiKya could come visit. We can't wait to see everyone else - we are dying to see Jen, Isac, Tyler and the Peterson's! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Last Valentine's Day Michael and I went to Utah for a weekend getaway. We went to a BYU basketball game and ate at Tucano's - YUM! We decided to continue the tradition this year as well, except we invited my friend Lauren and her husband Blaine. My mom was so nice to watch Krew for the night. We went down on Friday to a Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns game. On Saturday we shopped, ate at Tucano's, and went to Ikea :)

 As you can see - our seats where pretty high up there! :)

In fact, we were the last row - the VERY last row up top - haha

Such a cute couple :) You got a free rose at the end of the meal!

We wanted a Strawberry Daquiri (Virgin of course), we thought we would treat ourselves - does this look like one? NO - it was horrible, it seriously tasted like ice with perhaps one strawberry blended in it!

Love her!

Michael's expression after 4 hours in Ikea...

Blaine's expression - it's safe to say that he will never go back there!

It was such a fun weekend - thanks Lauren and Blaine for spending it with us! Love you Michael!