Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall 2010

I first must say that I love completely love Fall - especially Halloween :) Michael and I got invited to his cousin Ty's we had to find some costumes. That is when the challenge began - I soon figured out that it's NOT as easy to find a Halloween costume when you are 8 months pregnant, but luckily I found one last minute!

Yes, I was a woopie cushion! Haha.

And my lovely husband decided to be "Billy Mays" - the Oxy Clean guy :) It was quite hilarious!

Billy Mays and a Woopie Cushion - I'm pretty sure you couldn't ask for a better couple than that!?

I wanted to add one last thing! My mom's friend Brigitte custom painted this picture to match Krew's nursery. We absolutely LOVE it - she did such an amazing job! We are all ready for him to come, only 7 more weeks! <3

Monday, October 25, 2010

32 Week Updates

I'm starting to get the hang of this "blogging" thing. I think it will be great tool to have to look back on my pregnancy! Too bad I didn't do a good job of the weeks up to 32 haha. Oh well! Yes, I am 32 weeks now - it's getting so unbelievably close. Here's a quick summary of what the Doc had to say:

- Krew is head down and should stay that way. What a relief!
- He is exactly the way I thought he was laying - head down, butt on the right side, and little feet up in my left rib cage! I can definitely say I will not miss that :)
- Dr. Baker predicted he will be about 7lbs - another relief! I don't have to push out a 9 pounder
- His heart beat is strong
- Overall, an awesome day at the doctors!

Some of the things I am looking forward to:
- Being a mommy! I absolutely cannot wait
- Michael becoming a daddy
- Starting our own little Simpson family
- Meeting my little guy
- FINALLY seeing what he looks like
- Of course holding him, squeezing him, kissing him, loving him, putting my finger in this hand, and so so so many more things!
- Taking him home to VA to meet his family
- Not being pregnant :) I've heard I will miss it - but I think I'm ready to be un-pregnant haha

I love my family and can't wait for Krew to become a part of it...(not that he isn't already) ;) <3

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Krew's Nursery...A work in progress :)

SOOO I went a little crazy with decorating Krew's nursery. I couldn't quite find anything that I was in love with - so my friend Char had the brilliant idea of us going to the fabric store! And so the madness began - I fell in LOVE with this animal print black and white fabric (the only problem...we would have to make it all!). The other problem? I don't quite know how to sew, haha. Char is making the bedskirt, and my grandma made the bumper! She is also making the curtain.  I think it's coming along great and we have had such a fun time putting it all together. Like I said, please excuse the mess - it's a work in progress!

My Grandma Foutz is amazing and made Krew's bumper!

When I was in Arizona - my sister-in-law's and I had a craft day - I made these letters for Krew :) 

Michael and I refinished these two dressers. They turned out great and match perfectly in the nursery! The one above is the changing table :)

The picture doesn't quite do it justice - but my latest project was this mobile! It was so fun and easy to make...(not to mention, pretty cheap!)

Oh and may I add - I have an amazing husband who has helped me with all of these projects. He's so thoughtful to put up with me and my pregnant craziness <3 HIM!

I will post pictures here in a few weeks of the finished nursery! We still only have a few minor things left to get it completely ready - and boy is that a stress reliever! Let's just hope Krew doesn't make a surprise visit before we are ready :)

Baby Updates!

Yes, I am horrible at blogging. I am hoping that once Krew comes I will be a little more on the ball (who am I kidding!? I'll be more busy than ever)! I just got back from Virginia where I had an amazing baby shower. My family and friends were so great to come and support me. I am almost 32 weeks pregnant...yay! Only 8 more to go (if he's on time...which he better be!). He's measuring a week big and doing fantastic. While in Virginia my awesome friend Lauren and I decided to be silly and take some maternity pictures. Here are a few, I think they turned out great!

Thanks Lauren!
<3 "Pancake"