Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Months

I haven't done a blog update lately. I looked at the date today and realized it was a great day to update! Harper is now 5 months. I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies. It seems to be flying by even faster with Harper than it did with Krew. Probably because I'm so busy with 2 kiddos now!

Harper is such a joy in our lives. She is literally SUCH a good baby. It's amazing to me how uptight I was with Krew, and how laid back I am with her - not in a lazy way, but I don't constantly worry about EVERYTHING with her. It's a nice feeling. 

Here's a few of Harper's traits at 5 months:

- She loves have the blanket up to her face to snuggle
- Sometimes she doesn't like to be held to fall asleep, she gives me the look at the certain 'squeak" and I know it's time to lay her down
- She's SO happy - giggles and smiles
- No one can make her happier than Krew can
- Eating rice cereal now (woohoo) and sleeping 8 hour stretches through the night - LOVE this 
- Loves to grab things (especially my hair, YIKES)
- A little lazy, she hasn't rolled over yet, she's closer to sitting than rolling over, haha
- SO happy whenever she wakes up

Well now that I have updated about Miss Harper, I'll give a few updates on little Krew man:

- Boy oh boy is he sure talking
- SO cute because when I ask him a question, he'll say "Yea" 
- Whenever I give him something, he will say "Tanks (thanks) and Welcome" all at the same time
- Still loves his blankies
- Loves keys even more, in fact he now has to take his 2 blankets, and his Kool-aid man Key to bed with him
- Eating by himself (I sure do love this) - he has been eating with his fingers for a while, but now he uses utensils
- Loves Thomas the tank
- Obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with airplanes!
- Loves bathes
- When we pull up at either Grandma or Grandpa's house - he yells "Grannnnma"
( I guess most of Krew's things deals with talking)
- And yes, he is my child, so he is starting to develop a bit of an attitude :)
- and he loves loving on his sister, he'll go up to Harper and say "SISTER!, in a high pitched voice"

Well, that's enough for now, here are some pics of course!

 (saw an airplane)

 (AH, I just LOVE this picture)

So long for now!