Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprise Surprise!

Oh boy do we have some exciting news! Krew is going to be a big brother :) I'm a little late on this post, so here's a quick recap...

We weren't exactly "planning" for this baby THIS soon, but hey...things happen for a reason and we are so excited! I was feeling a little sick, took a pregnancy test and there was a FAINT line. But they say any line means it's a positive test. We had church that day - so I waited until Monday morning to go get another test. Michael told me to "get one of those one's that says either pregnant or not pregnant" - because he was convinced there was NO way that I was pregnant. Long story short, I got the digital one AND another line test and they BOTH said positive. Yes, we began to freak a little. I mean a 9 month old baby and now I was pregnant again!??!....AHHH, after a little meltdown. Joy and excitement started to shine through. 

I am happy to say that we have a healthy baby on the way - he or she is due March 21, 2012. I am currently 13 weeks as of today! This pregnancy is FLYING by. I could only imagine it's because I have a little toddler to chase around ;) 

I've been feeling more sick with this one - a lot different than Krew. Michael's guess is a boy. My current guess is a girl. Either way, we will be thrilled! Krew and his little sibling will be about 16 months apart. I'm sure it'll be crazy for a while, but at least he will have someone to play with :)

I will keep you guys posted throughout the pregnancy!