Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been thinking a lot lately of the trials and struggles my kids are going to have to face while growing up. I know the trials that I had to face, the challenges. I especially think of Harper because she is a girl. Girls already have it hard - society has an image of what is "accepted" as being skinny. I am also a girl, so I can remember back to being 13 and being aware of my body and what was "pretty" or "skinny" at that time. I never want Harper to feel as though she isn't good enough, or struggle with her outward (or inward) appearance. Most all of my friends that I knew also worried or struggled with their weight. 

As a mom, I never want Harper to hear me complain about my weight, or say "I feel fat" - kids are very impressionable and learn a tremendous amount from their parents. I want to teach her to be healthy, but most importantly, love herself. One example I can think of in my life is my friend Laura. Her and I were best friends from the moment she asked me if she could keep one the costumes that my Grandma Foutz made for our school play. I wasn't too happy about her wanting to keep the costume because I had already decided that they were ALL going to be mine. (Yes, I was a brat) haha ask my cousin Jordan ;) I can't remember if I let her keep it or not, but the point I'm trying to get at is that she has been SUCH an example to me in my life. She may not know it because I don't even know if I have ever expressed it to her. 

One thing that I bet she has no clue is that she truly is an inspiration to me. She has ALWAYS been such a strong girl and SO strong in her faithfulness. Another attribute that is deeply instilled in Laura is confidence. No, not cocky confidence, but confidence in knowing and accepting herself. Her and I became friends when we were in our "awkward" stage of life (I even have pictures to prove it, haha) but not ONCE, not even ONCE, can I remember her complain about herself, her weight, her appearance - and to me that is true beauty. She always had to hear me complain about myself and my weight (even though I was a twig at that time) haha. But what I'm getting at is I can only hope that Harper has as much beauty as Laura does for herself.

I never want Harper to feel like she isn't pretty enough - and that is why, this very moment, I am going to work HARD to never say negative things about myself in front of her. (I'll just complain to Michael) haha. Just kidding. But I really want her to not worry about those things - to have true confidence like my friend Laura. Now Laura doesn't only have confidence but she IS actually beautiful, inside and out (lucky girl!). I miss her like crazy and I can only wish her the best in this journey she is starting in her life! Sorry to get all sappy. I just did my make up darn it, now I have to go fix it! 

So instead of complaining (even to Michael) - we are going to DO something. Michael and I have decided to make it a goal to start working out together at least 3 times a week (we will push for 4 eventually ;) I want to be true examples to my kids - be healthy, but not obsessive. We are going to do P90X - we will see how this goes! We have had the DVD's even before Krew was born, so now is the time to USE them! I will keep progress updates on the blog (it kind of holds me more accountable haha). And I am DONE with diets - I am just going to make a lifestyle change, count calories, and just be overall more healthy.

As a stay at home mom of two, I was kind of starting to get a little unmotivated about myself- and decided that I needed to do something for ME . So this is it :) Luckily I have a motivation partner - my hubby, the best partner I could've wished for! Wish us luck!