Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arizona Trip!

We helped Michael's brother (Jordan) and wife (Sadie) move to Arizona - It was such a BLAST! Ok so I know moving doesn't sound like a "blast", but when you have amazing brother and sister in laws in Arizona, that changes everything! Jen, Isac, and Tyce were so nice to let us crash at their place for almost 2 weeks. The 2 weeks FLEW by! We did so much while we were there - shopping several times, eating out, a late night Cheesecake Factory run, and a sassy table shopping experience were only some of the things that happened on the trip!

We of course had to hit up the famous In-N-Out burgers - it was very satifsying :)

So I'm SURE you are interested to hear about this "sassy" table shopping experience...

This is the table that Sadie found for a great deal may I add! But this table wasn't just something we just stumbled upon, it took hard work to find it. Jen, Sadie, and I went to several furniture stores before we finally found "the one" (pictured above). We had a lady convince us to buy a table - the price was right, it looked perfect! We were so excited when we first saw it....then we noticed there were several dents on the table top, as well as unsturdy chairs. The saleswoman was SUPER determined and tried to convince is that she had a black permanent marker in the back to fix the "dings" and all of the "minor" dings were something that could easily be fixed with buying some fancy placemats. Sadie and I quickly got sassy with the lady. I quote: Sadie: "I am not buying a table I have to buy placemats for", Me: "It's hard buying a table that already has DINGS in it"....haha. Although we was willing to knock off a whopping $20 - needless to say, Sadie did NOT purchase that table :) We waited to find the table of her dreams, sold to us by "Rocko" :)

The point of that story really wasn't to tell you about Sadie's table - but rather how much fun the girls had that day! That trip incorporated the word "sassy" into almost every conversation for the rest of the trip! Good times :)

We spent some much needed time by the pool, I was so happy to get a little bit of a tan! I've been a white ghost since I found out I was prego....
This trip could not have been described without mentioning the "building bridges game". Oh man! Our husbands surely became obcessed with this game! We had to give them time limits :) So if you are a wife, and want to interact with your husband, DO NOT let him discover this game :) haha

That was our trip in a nutshell! I'm sure several things were left out, but the key highlights were definitely mentioned! Love you guys <3 and miss all of you that are in AZ! As well as the Peterson family in Washington. Can't wait for Thanksgiving when we are ALL together!

It's a BOY!

Ok, so I'm at little late posting this (not to mention I am new at blogging) - but YES, we are having a cute little boy! We are so exciting and absolutely cannot wait to meet him! I am almost 22 weeks - I hear it goes by pretty fast from this point I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Michael and I were both of course super excited to find out it was a boy (I think Michael just a LITTLE bit more than me because he is excited to transform our little guy into an athletic person like himself :) If the kicking in my stomach is any indication - then we definitely have an active little boy! For all of you who don't know, I am due December 20, 2010 - we have decided on a name, Krew Michael Simpson! I love it and can't wait to meet him!

Our handsome little Krew! <3 him!