Friday, September 14, 2012

End of Summertime

I haven't updated in about a month, so here it goes :)

Krew is going to be 2 in 2 months. It's insane to think he's been a part of our lives for 2 years! Time is seriously flying by. Here are a few of his favorite things:

- Still OBSESSED with keys and airplanes ("airpwannneess")
- Quite the determined little booger, I guess he got that from me
- Lately he has started carrying around his tooth brush
- Has to pick a toy, or two, or three to take to bed with him
- Still loves his blankies
- Absolutely adores his sister
- Can count to 5 and say sooo many things!
- Loves when dad comes home from work

Miss Harper:
- She loves squash
- Sleeps through the night
- Has 2 little bottom teeth poking through
- Such a happy baby
- Does a little "shakey" dance when she gets excited
- Grabs everything

She is actually 6 months old today!

I am getting SOOO excited for the fall. I absolutely love the fall; especially the clothes! I love wearing sweaters and boots :) I love Halloween too! As Fall begins, here is a little update to the end of our summer.

We had a BUNCH of family come visit! Infact, The Peterson's, Sadie, MiKya, Beckham (still baking), and Jen, Tyler, and Abby all came to see us! 

We took a quick trip to Utah to see a BYU football game, had a late night arcade run, and visited Park City for the first time! We had a blast with the Clark's! (Still need to upload some more pictures from Michael's phone!)

 Park City was beautiful!

We took a trip to Arizona! We went to the water park (again, still need more pics from Michael's phone), Cheesecake Factory....yummm!, lots of shopping and family fun!

All the ladies at dinner!

Jordan and Michael unknowingly came out dressed alike on Sunday - needless to say, Jordan went and changed his tie! It was quite funny though ;)

My sweet girl

Loves giving his sister kisses (we will see how long that lasts!)

I think having a boy means they always have some sort of scrape, bruise, or cut on them! Hopefully we will hold off on any broken bones!

This was just a quick update post! I need to upload more pictures soon :) If only I had a smart phone ;)