Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michael's 24th Birthday!

Michael (my amazing, handsome, hottie, caring, funny, goofy husband) turned 24 on Feb. 8th! We had a fun filled day (minus him having classes) - Michael chose to go to Sammy's for his B-day dinner :) Then after we all came back to our apartment for presents, cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday Dad! We got dad the new shirt he has on :)

Our Fam!

Goofy pic!

My parent's and little brother Alex came, as well as Phil and Trudi :) It was so fun that they came up to celebrate Michael's B-day with us!

Michael requested a "Better than Anything" (edited) cake...haha - He told me last year that he didn't want a cake - so I didn't make one; then I felt like the worst wife ever...haha. So I was determined this year to make him a cake!

Happy Birthday Babe - you are such an amazing husband and dad! Krew's face just lights up when he sees you! We appreciate all that you do for us and all of the sacrifices you make for our family. We LOVE you so much!

- Whitney and Krew

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Uncle Alex

My little Brother Alex is such a stud. He's honestly the best little brother a girl could ask for. He is so willing to help me with any and everything - not to mention he loves his nephew Krew. Alex is an AMAZING basketball player - in fact...he alone scored 24 points during his game on Saturday - can we say the next Jimmer? He's such a great example to Krew and to me. Here are a few pictures from his basketball game :) 

"All decked out in my Jordan gear for Uncle Alex's basketball game"

I think Michael was most excited about his outfit :) (I'm sure his Uncle Jordan would be proud as well!)

"Just taking a nap with Great Aunt Ray"

Cute parents :)

<3 This boy!

Krew and I with the Allstar himself :) "Can I please get your autograph Uncle Alex?"
Love you Bub!

New Found Personality

Well it seems that our little Krew's personality is starting to shine through. He definitely is growing up and we have come to discover a lot of new things...

1. He loves to smile - he has a cute side grin like his cousin Tyler

2. When he is ready for bed - he is READY...he doesn't want to be held, the doesn't want to rock, he wants to be put in his bed with his binki and go to sleep on his own (I had to brag a little, I mean who could ask for a better baby!?...a self soother - I can definitely go for that) yet secretly I miss him "needing" me to go to sleep

3. He is extremely picky about the nipples on his bottle - it cannot be too fast or too slow, it has to be just right or he gets extremely mad!

4. His fake cry makes me laugh - little does he know that we can definitely distinguish between a fake cry and a real cry

5. He LOVES, I mean LOVES to be naked...haha (I've heard this is a little boy thing). When he gets skirmy it's typically because he wants his pants and socks off - then he is completely content

6. Baths are a must - this is his relaxation time :)

I can't wait to see his personality continue to grow...I know these posts may be boring to some, but it's a way for me to keep up with fun memories of him growing up! My plan to to mimick my sister-in-law Sadie's brilliant idea to print out blog posts from the year at the end of the year. I think it's a great way to journal and remember these days that seem to go by WAY too fast!

Krew's Baby Blessing

We had such a great experience today at church blessing our little man. It was so cute because he smiled during the entire blessing. It was awesome to have family there to support us. We missed the ones that couldn't be there! Again, he's such a blessing to our family and we are so grateful that we have the opportunity to be his parent's. We truly are grateful!

Happy Family!

I liked this picture because of Krew's expression :)

Proud Daddy!

Proud Grandparent's :) and Most Amazing Parent's ever! Love them!

Such a cute Grandma! Have to give a shout out to my mom on her weight loss - she's lost 52 pounds and lookin' smokin :)

So happy to have my famliy there!

Such a little stud muffin :)

I loved his outfit :) Thanks to Uncle Isac and Aunt Jen for the cute preppy sweater!

We took pictures with the Simpson side, but they are on Trudi's we will have to update!