Monday, July 18, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

We decided since there aren't many hot days left ahead of us in Idaho, that'd it would be fun to go to an Idaho Falls Chukar's Baseball game! We invited my parent's and brother along - it was a great time and was Krew's first baseball game! He didn't seem that interested, but it was still fun :)

As always, I have a million pictures! I mainly post so many because I want all of these pictures in the blog scrapbook at the end of the year :) 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Day in the Park

More like...5 minutes in the Park. It was a beautiful day in Idaho when we decided that it'd be fun to take Krew to the park. You know, we could push him in the swing, perhaps go down the slide - fun stuff. Well, our little guy didn't really care for the swing. Even when we pushed him SUPER slow, it took his breath away - even when he sat on my lap! But hey, I guess it was a good idea - an idea that we will have to try it again in a few months!

"Get me OFF this thing"

"Still not having fun..."

"Mom, can we just go home now?"

And that's exactly what we did :)

Kissy Kissy

Oh Boy - or shall I say Girl :) We may have our hands full. We caught our son. That's right, we caught him in action. I guess he got bored with his exersaucer...The pictures explain the rest!

He's TOO young! haha. No, it was quite hilarious! It's just funny that we caught the right pictures at the exact right time. Love this little guy <3 He better still love me more than that little doll baby ;)

I Love Being a Mom

I absolutely LOVE this phase Krew is going through - he is so happy and so fun. You hear people tell you that being a Mom is the best - I agree 110%. I think if they offered a Bachelor's degree in Motherhood, it would be one of the hardest to get! Haha. Anyways, our little man is almost 8 months old. I seriously cannot BELIEVE how fast time has flown by. He's crawling around like crazy, getting into EVERYTHING, pulling up on everything, and definitely developing a little attitude - hehe. When I say attitude, I guess he takes after his Mom. Now, I don't necessarily throw tantrums when I don't get what I want - but if I don't get want I want it's definitely made known ;) I kid! Krew and I just both know what makes us happy! Or at least Krew THINKS he does. While this stage is super fun, it's also quite challenging. It's not fun to tell your kid NO all day and try to teach them what they should and shouldn't grab. I'm sure it'll just continue to get more and more challenging, and one day - instead of telling him "no, no we don't pull on the curtains, they could fall and hurt us" - we will be saying "no SIR  you cannot date until you are 16" :) I'm sure that day will come faster than I will ever expect it to come. Regardless, I will cherish every minute of it! I wouldn't trade my life for anything - NOTHING because I absolutely LOVE it exactly how it is!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Oh man, it was quite a fun filled day. We woke up early to meet my parent's for breakfast right before the Rexburg Parade started. It was actually pretty hot, which was perfect because last year we all had blankets at the parade and fireworks! We met up with the Tueller's at the fireworks down in Idaho Falls, but we didn't get to stay for the fireworks because we quickly found out earlier at the parade that Krew wasn't too fond of loud noises (well I knew this before, but I thought he had gotten over it...haha). Anyways, we left the fireworks before they began so we wouldn't torture our little guy. All in all it was a great 4th!

You can't see it at all - BUT his first tooth popped through on the 4th!

Love my Pops!

SO scared of the sirens...

Knocked out :)

Just playing in the back of Grandma and Grandpa's car!

Happy 4th of July!

Some Family Time

Michael has ONLY 2 more semesters until he! But in the meantime, he has been SUPER busy with a full time school schedule and an internship - so when 5:30PM rolls around, Krew and I get extremely happy when Dad walks in the door because we know we can steal a bit of his time! Krew gets SOOO excited when he sees his Dad, I mean so excited that he can't breathe for a few seconds - haha. I love it; I especially love that Michael is such an amazing father and an incredible husband and that he works so hard for this family! We Love you Michael! Thanks for the family time when you get home :) It makes our day!

SO pumped to play with Dad

Love those chubby cheeks!

It doesn't look like he likes me, but he does ;)


Wild Child


Okay, I think Krew was DONE having fun :)

It was fun while it lasted :) Until next time....