Friday, September 14, 2012

End of Summertime

I haven't updated in about a month, so here it goes :)

Krew is going to be 2 in 2 months. It's insane to think he's been a part of our lives for 2 years! Time is seriously flying by. Here are a few of his favorite things:

- Still OBSESSED with keys and airplanes ("airpwannneess")
- Quite the determined little booger, I guess he got that from me
- Lately he has started carrying around his tooth brush
- Has to pick a toy, or two, or three to take to bed with him
- Still loves his blankies
- Absolutely adores his sister
- Can count to 5 and say sooo many things!
- Loves when dad comes home from work

Miss Harper:
- She loves squash
- Sleeps through the night
- Has 2 little bottom teeth poking through
- Such a happy baby
- Does a little "shakey" dance when she gets excited
- Grabs everything

She is actually 6 months old today!

I am getting SOOO excited for the fall. I absolutely love the fall; especially the clothes! I love wearing sweaters and boots :) I love Halloween too! As Fall begins, here is a little update to the end of our summer.

We had a BUNCH of family come visit! Infact, The Peterson's, Sadie, MiKya, Beckham (still baking), and Jen, Tyler, and Abby all came to see us! 

We took a quick trip to Utah to see a BYU football game, had a late night arcade run, and visited Park City for the first time! We had a blast with the Clark's! (Still need to upload some more pictures from Michael's phone!)

 Park City was beautiful!

We took a trip to Arizona! We went to the water park (again, still need more pics from Michael's phone), Cheesecake Factory....yummm!, lots of shopping and family fun!

All the ladies at dinner!

Jordan and Michael unknowingly came out dressed alike on Sunday - needless to say, Jordan went and changed his tie! It was quite funny though ;)

My sweet girl

Loves giving his sister kisses (we will see how long that lasts!)

I think having a boy means they always have some sort of scrape, bruise, or cut on them! Hopefully we will hold off on any broken bones!

This was just a quick update post! I need to upload more pictures soon :) If only I had a smart phone ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Months

I haven't done a blog update lately. I looked at the date today and realized it was a great day to update! Harper is now 5 months. I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies. It seems to be flying by even faster with Harper than it did with Krew. Probably because I'm so busy with 2 kiddos now!

Harper is such a joy in our lives. She is literally SUCH a good baby. It's amazing to me how uptight I was with Krew, and how laid back I am with her - not in a lazy way, but I don't constantly worry about EVERYTHING with her. It's a nice feeling. 

Here's a few of Harper's traits at 5 months:

- She loves have the blanket up to her face to snuggle
- Sometimes she doesn't like to be held to fall asleep, she gives me the look at the certain 'squeak" and I know it's time to lay her down
- She's SO happy - giggles and smiles
- No one can make her happier than Krew can
- Eating rice cereal now (woohoo) and sleeping 8 hour stretches through the night - LOVE this 
- Loves to grab things (especially my hair, YIKES)
- A little lazy, she hasn't rolled over yet, she's closer to sitting than rolling over, haha
- SO happy whenever she wakes up

Well now that I have updated about Miss Harper, I'll give a few updates on little Krew man:

- Boy oh boy is he sure talking
- SO cute because when I ask him a question, he'll say "Yea" 
- Whenever I give him something, he will say "Tanks (thanks) and Welcome" all at the same time
- Still loves his blankies
- Loves keys even more, in fact he now has to take his 2 blankets, and his Kool-aid man Key to bed with him
- Eating by himself (I sure do love this) - he has been eating with his fingers for a while, but now he uses utensils
- Loves Thomas the tank
- Obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with airplanes!
- Loves bathes
- When we pull up at either Grandma or Grandpa's house - he yells "Grannnnma"
( I guess most of Krew's things deals with talking)
- And yes, he is my child, so he is starting to develop a bit of an attitude :)
- and he loves loving on his sister, he'll go up to Harper and say "SISTER!, in a high pitched voice"

Well, that's enough for now, here are some pics of course!

 (saw an airplane)

 (AH, I just LOVE this picture)

So long for now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been thinking a lot lately of the trials and struggles my kids are going to have to face while growing up. I know the trials that I had to face, the challenges. I especially think of Harper because she is a girl. Girls already have it hard - society has an image of what is "accepted" as being skinny. I am also a girl, so I can remember back to being 13 and being aware of my body and what was "pretty" or "skinny" at that time. I never want Harper to feel as though she isn't good enough, or struggle with her outward (or inward) appearance. Most all of my friends that I knew also worried or struggled with their weight. 

As a mom, I never want Harper to hear me complain about my weight, or say "I feel fat" - kids are very impressionable and learn a tremendous amount from their parents. I want to teach her to be healthy, but most importantly, love herself. One example I can think of in my life is my friend Laura. Her and I were best friends from the moment she asked me if she could keep one the costumes that my Grandma Foutz made for our school play. I wasn't too happy about her wanting to keep the costume because I had already decided that they were ALL going to be mine. (Yes, I was a brat) haha ask my cousin Jordan ;) I can't remember if I let her keep it or not, but the point I'm trying to get at is that she has been SUCH an example to me in my life. She may not know it because I don't even know if I have ever expressed it to her. 

One thing that I bet she has no clue is that she truly is an inspiration to me. She has ALWAYS been such a strong girl and SO strong in her faithfulness. Another attribute that is deeply instilled in Laura is confidence. No, not cocky confidence, but confidence in knowing and accepting herself. Her and I became friends when we were in our "awkward" stage of life (I even have pictures to prove it, haha) but not ONCE, not even ONCE, can I remember her complain about herself, her weight, her appearance - and to me that is true beauty. She always had to hear me complain about myself and my weight (even though I was a twig at that time) haha. But what I'm getting at is I can only hope that Harper has as much beauty as Laura does for herself.

I never want Harper to feel like she isn't pretty enough - and that is why, this very moment, I am going to work HARD to never say negative things about myself in front of her. (I'll just complain to Michael) haha. Just kidding. But I really want her to not worry about those things - to have true confidence like my friend Laura. Now Laura doesn't only have confidence but she IS actually beautiful, inside and out (lucky girl!). I miss her like crazy and I can only wish her the best in this journey she is starting in her life! Sorry to get all sappy. I just did my make up darn it, now I have to go fix it! 

So instead of complaining (even to Michael) - we are going to DO something. Michael and I have decided to make it a goal to start working out together at least 3 times a week (we will push for 4 eventually ;) I want to be true examples to my kids - be healthy, but not obsessive. We are going to do P90X - we will see how this goes! We have had the DVD's even before Krew was born, so now is the time to USE them! I will keep progress updates on the blog (it kind of holds me more accountable haha). And I am DONE with diets - I am just going to make a lifestyle change, count calories, and just be overall more healthy.

As a stay at home mom of two, I was kind of starting to get a little unmotivated about myself- and decided that I needed to do something for ME . So this is it :) Luckily I have a motivation partner - my hubby, the best partner I could've wished for! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three years and counting!

Boy oh Boy do I sure have the best hubby ever :) I seriously feel SO lucky to have spent the last 3 years of my life with him. In some ways it feels like yesterday that we got married and in other ways, It feels like we should be 80. Everyday is fun with Michael; he is such a caring, supportive, and loving husband - not to mention an amazing Dad. Krew and Harper just adore him! Anywho, I am so blessed that I get to spend eternity with this man. Happy 3 years babe! Can't wait until the rest of forever. I love you!

I started off the day with this little surprise. Michael and I decided to rotate every year on who is responsible planning our anniversary celebration! It was Michael's year this year! My day started off to this sweet note :)

All over the house the had the top 10 reasons why he loves me :) It definitely put a HUGE smile on my face! Michael also gave us movie tickets and 2 tickets to any BYU football game in the fall! I've never been to one, so I think it'll be a blast!

After Michael got home from work, we headed to Olive Garden!

This dessert was to die for! 
After dinner, we had a little impromptu "photo shoot" by the River, haha. We were goof balls - Michael wouldn't let me post some of the pictures, lol - I think because it jeopardized his "manhood" hehe.

So glad that we can be goofy together!

The perfect end to a perfect anniversary was coming home to our kiddos! They are truly such blessings in our lives. We love them SO much and are so glad that 3 years ago we made the decision to spend eternity together and grateful that we can share eternity with Krew and Harper. That's really what life is all about! 

Love you Michael! 

Thanks for being you. Happy Anniversary Babe!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


 We had Father's Day! Krew wants to be JUST like his Dad, so he wore his shoes :)
 Cousin MiKya came to play!
 Grandma stayed busy entertaining these two kiddos!
 Michael tortured Harper and put a HUGE diaper over her clothes :) haha

 Kim Kardashian booty right there!
 We went to a baseball game with our neighbors!
We went to a Chuckar's baseball game with our neighbors!
 On Tuesday, June 26th 2012 we will have been married for 3 years! I cannot believe it!
 This mischievous kid got into Harper's baby powder and it was EVERYWHERE
And Krew got his first "shiner" - he was of course being a crazy monkey and tried to climb on Harper's swing only to end in this result. Poor guy!

Life is definitely quite busy these days! I'm so glad we are having some amazing weather. I can't wait for the Peterson's to come visit and Jen, Tyler, and Miss Abby! I just LOVE Idaho Summer's!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Water Boy!

Krew sure has a personality. He seriously cracks me up everyday. His latest "venture" is squirting himself with the water bottle. He gets SUCH a kick out of this that he cracks himself up while doing it. He was SOAKED after he finished but I just kept letting him do it because it was so hilarious. Love my boy!

Harper's Blessing

Harper was blessed on June 3rd 2012. It was such a great day! I'm so grateful for her and all of the family/friends that came to support her on her special day! Harper is such a great baby and such a joy to be around. We feel SO lucky to have been blessed with her. Here are some pictures :)

 This dress was actually my baby blessing dress! I'm so glad my Grandma Foutz kept it! She switched out the elastic on the arms, cleaned and ironed it and it turned out perfect!

 Grandma and Miss Harper

 So glad I have such amazing friends! Thank you Reams and Anderson's for coming!

 Thanks again to everyone who joined us! Can't believe my little girl is almost 3 months!